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In-Person Training

  • High Costs for facility

  • A Lot of Training Preparation

  • High Competition

  • Limited in Time and Place

  • No International Customers

Digital Training

  • Costs Savings (just 1 Time Recording)

  • Training Innovation

  • Low Competition

  • Unlimited in Time and Place

  • International Customers & Sales

Let me tell you a secret...

As of January 2024, the internet boosts over 5.35 billion users worldwide. The digital training market is booming and set to exceed $400 billion by year-end. Despite this demand, many trainers, consultants, and coaches have yet to fully embrace digital training. Traditional in-person trainers struggle to keep up, with the market projected to skyrocket 142% by 2026. With 93% of global corporations favoring digital training for its cost-saving potential and flexibility, there’s immense opportunity. Are you a trainer, consultant, or coach? Join our FREE 15-minute Course to learn how to Start & Grow Your OWN Digital Training Business!

Additionally, the Training Industry is on track to surpass a Trillion-dollar valuation by 2030. Embrace the shift from traditional training to digital platforms like OneShot and Udemy to maximize earnings and efficiency. 

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Digital Training Business - Level 1

This course aims to guide you in transitioning from traditional in-person training to establishing your own Digital Training Business. Beyond just a business shift, it’s a lifestyle transformation offering freedom & revenue growth, while harnessing your skills and mindset. We enable you to serve clients more efficiently and grow your income while minimizing your time and effort.

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Digital Training Business - Level 1