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Childhood of Nancy “Anseila” Boldewijn

Through Nancy Anseila Boldewijn’s life, a story of ambition and resilience is woven into Suriname. Nancy was born on September 12, 1982, at the ‘S Lands Hospital in Suriname. She is her mother’s eldest child and her father’s third child. Her experience is proof of the resilient spirit that perseveres in the face of difficulties, aspirations, and the quest for balance.

Nancy had a  strict upbringing, but because of her mother’s skill as a teacher, she managed to find a happy balance. Her early years at the J.T.H. Wenzel Primary School and her later years at the Roman Catholic I.P.J. Berkenveld Mulo School demonstrated the unique combination of her Evangelical Lutheran upbringing and a Catholic education.

Because of her mother’s wise choices, Nancy and her siblings didn’t have to travel far to school, which improved the dynamic of her education. After completing her secondary school at V.W.O. 4, Nancy enters the workforce and shows perseverance in the face of early disappointments.

Nancy’s ambitions were shaped by two different childhood dreams: one was to become a secretary, and the other was to become a hairstylist. The former, continuous in her thoughts, finally developed in the field of virtual assistance, where Nancy’s talent for organizing and her passion for writing came together. The strong support of her mother was crucial in choosing Nancy’s path.

Interestingly, Nancy’s other passion, hairstyling, began at the age of ten when she started braiding for neighbors. Initially done free of charge due to her father’s concern about early exposure to earning money, her mother’s intervention led to a compromise – a small fee with parental guidance. This early entrepreneurial experience was carefully balanced with her commitment to academic success.

Following her studies, Nancy worked in a variety of industries, from serving customers at Torarica to completing training to become an international secretary. Her varied experiences taught her important lessons, and the difficulties she encountered helped her grow both personally and professionally. Nancy Anseila Boldewijn’s professional life comes together interestingly through experience, resilience, and a quest for balance. Nancy’s career is a mosaic of growth, learning, and flexibility, having spanned several areas such as banking, tourism, health, and government.

The turning point came in 2019 when Nancy unemployed at the time, discovered the concept of virtual assistance on Facebook. This discovery sparked the birth of Anseila’s Virtual Assistance, a venture that initially faced financial challenges but reflected Nancy’s unwavering determination.

In 2011, Nancy’s world was rocked when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. The initial shock gave way to a harrowing four-year battle against the mysterious illness. As the family faced the grim reality of cancer, Nancy, in an unguarded moment, uttered words of denial, refusing to accept the devastating truth. The ensuing years were marked by the mother’s valiant fight, undergoing treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. However, after a relentless struggle, she was laid to rest, leaving a void that would forever alter Nancy’s world.

The battle and eventual death of Nancy’s mother was a significant turning point in her life. Despite the intense storm of emotions, Nancy’s strength was evident as she kept up with her duties as the Local President of JCI SYMA and her position in the credit department of the Trust bank.

Her Impact

The subsequent years saw Nancy putting her dreams on hold for four years to support others in building theirs. An admirable commitment to others’ aspirations didn’t go unnoticed. Anseila’s Virtual Assistance became a full-time endeavor for Nancy, a conscious choice to step out of the comfort of a monthly salary and embrace the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship.

The decision to fully commit to Anseila’s Virtual Assistance was underscored by the founding principle – not just working for people but working towards building something of her own. After being put away for a while, the dreams returned with more intensity and resolve.

Anseila was more than just a company endeavor; it was a symbol of perseverance, the pursuit of goals, and the spirit of entrepreneurship that arises when one ventures into the unexplored territory of one’s invention.

Nancy’s narrative serves as motivation for people who are trying to strike a careful balance between pursuing their business dreams and maintaining a secure career. Anseila’s Virtual Assistance is proof of the strength of deliberate decisions, unshakable resolve, and the bravery to face uncertainty. The journey continues, and thanks to the enthusiasm and knowledge of its founder, Nancy Anseila Boldewijn, Anseila’s Virtual Assistance expands every day helping other companies and organizations to structure their administrative duties when they can focus on the operational part of their business.

Anseila’s Virtual Assistance

Nancy’s story resonates as an inspiration for those seeking to navigate the delicate balance between professional security and entrepreneurial pursuit. Anseila’s Virtual Assistance stands as a testament to the power of conscious choices, unwavering determination, and the courage to embrace the unknown. The journey continues, and with each passing day, Anseila’s Virtual Assistance grows, fueled by the passion and expertise of its founder, Nancy Anseila Boldewijn.

The turning point came in 2019 when Nancy, unemployed at the time, discovered the concept of virtual assistance on Facebook. This discovery sparked the birth of Anseila’s Virtual Assistance, a venture that initially faced financial challenges but reflected Nancy’s unwavering determination.

Anseila was not merely a business venture; it was a testament to resilience, the pursuit of dreams, and the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives when one steps out of the familiar into the uncharted territories of one’s own creation.

Lessons Learned

Life is a tapestry woven with threads of joy, challenges, and profound loss. For Nancy Anseila Boldewijn, the journey has been a testament to resilience, strength, and the unwavering pursuit of dreams, even in the face of heart-wrenching losses.

The process of grieving was far from easy for Nancy. Working in the credit department of the Trust bank at the time, she found herself making numerous calculation errors, a poignant reflection of the emotional toll that loss can take. Yet, amidst the pain, there was a glimmer of recovery as sports became a therapeutic outlet. Nancy, also serving as the Local President of JCI SYMA that year, navigated the challenge of personal and professional healing. Initially unaware of the changes within herself, the board recognized a shift in her demeanor. Determined to honor her mother’s memory and reclaim her true self, Nancy worked tirelessly to regain the positive and vibrant spirit they had known.

As Nancy reflects on her journey, she shares a painful chapter – her ‘lowest low’ during a previous workplace experience. Confronted with an unexpected pregnancy and the premature birth of babies who did not survive, Nancy faced not only personal tragedy but also professional indifference. Her then-boss displayed a lack of empathy, never acknowledging the profound loss she endured. Adding to the heartbreak, her contract was silently not renewed, compounding the challenges she faced during that period.

Transitioning to her entrepreneurial venture, Anseila’s Virtual Assistance, Nancy encountered a distinct challenge. A potential client, unfamiliar with the concept of Virtual Assistance, insisted on a physically present Project Manager. Nancy, resolute in her commitment to virtual services, had to advocate fiercely for her approach. Eventually, the client embraced the concept, illustrating the importance of persistence and belief in one’s capabilities.

Despite the challenges, there is a silver lining in Nancy’s entrepreneurial journey. The most rewarding aspect, thus far, has been the opportunity to take minutes for esteemed organizations such as the UNDP and Conservation International. This not only attests to the quality of her work but also serves as a motivational push to persevere. Nancy remains optimistic, believing that the journey can only get better and that the challenges she faces today will pave the way for tomorrow’s triumphs.

Nancy Anseila Boldewijn’s story is a testament to the human spirit’s ability to endure, evolve, and ultimately thrive, even in the face of profound adversity. As she continues to navigate the complexities of life and entrepreneurship, Nancy’s journey serves as an inspiration for all who dare to dream, persevere, and triumph over life’s inevitable hardships.

Closing Remarks from Nancy

Don’t lose yourself. People often want to earn money quickly, but that doesn’t always work. Don’t lose yourself financially, or mentally, and make sure you have the right support system – Nancy Anseila Boldewijn

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