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Childhood of Judith Lochem

Although Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands Judith Lochem grew up in Suriname and considers herself a true “Dya-dya Sranan Uma.” She was born on April 27 to Baltus Elfried Lochem and Helena ‘Helen’ Johanna Lochem-Yates. As an 11-month-old baby, Judith and her parents traveled to their homeland of Suriname.

In her younger years, Judith grew up In the area of Uitvlugt, where the streets hummed with the laughter of young families. Judith’s childhood unfolded like the pages of an exciting storybook. At the center of it all stood the Emanuels School, a beacon of learning that welcomed children from all walks of life. It was here, amidst the bustling corridors and echoing playgrounds, that Judith’s love affair with creativity began to blossom. Little did she know, those early encounters with magical books would years later ignite a passion that would define her creative future. Surrounded by vibrant life and the comforting presence of friends, the neighborhood around the Gravenberchstraat became the backdrop for her formative years, shaping her into the person she would become. Growing up,  she continued her education at the Wulfingschool at Van Idsingastraat. She completed her higher learning at Lyceum. Father Baltus was a well-known government PR official, sports commentator, real estate appraiser, and tax consultant. Mother Helen worked as a nurse and spent years at the Mytylschool; a Foundation for children with disabilities. Within the tapestry of Judith’s upbringing, compassion was not merely a virtue taught but a value deeply ingrained in her very being. From a young age, she was introduced to the profound importance of extending a helping hand, not through lectures or textbooks, but through lived experiences that touched her heart and soul.

Accompanying her mother at various events aimed at assisting children with disabilities became a cornerstone of Judith’s formative years. These were not just outings; they were transformative moments that shaped her understanding of empathy and ignited her desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

As she immersed herself in these settings, Judith witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by those less fortunate and the resilience with which they approached each day. She saw the joy that a simple smile or act of kindness could bring and the profound impact it could have on someone’s life. Through these interactions, her innate sense of compassion blossomed, rooted in a genuine desire to help lessen the suffering of those around her.

As a young girl, Judith also accompanied her father every Sunday to the Suriname Soccer Stadium for the weekly Sunday matches. For Judith, it was a delight not necessarily to watch the matches, but to indulge in all the snacks she got from all the attending sports commentators.

Judith believes her real life began when she entered the lyceum. High school; with its newfound freedom and responsibilities, can often feel like a double-edged sword. For Judith, navigating this freedom to choose proved to be a challenge that tested not only her studies but also her resilience in the face of adversity.

Thrown into an environment where she was solely responsible for managing her time and staying on top of her studies, Judith found herself grappling with the weight of newfound independence. Without the watchful eyes of teachers or parents to ensure she stayed on track, she struggled to strike a balance between academics and fun.

As the demands of high school piled up, Judith found herself overwhelmed and struggling to keep pace. Despite her best intentions, she found it difficult to stay motivated and focused. Before she knew it, the end of the school year arrived, and with it came the harsh reality of failure. Facing the consequences of her actions, Judith was forced to confront the sobering reality of having to repeat the school year. It was a humbling experience, one that required her to take ownership of her mistakes and acknowledge the role she played in her downfall. “This period was crucial for self-discovery and determining my direction in life,” says Judith.

Judith her dream was to become a pediatrician because as a child she loved her pediatrician and wanted to be like him. However, pursuing that dream became a challenge, as she lacked guidance to explore alternative paths from the A-stream learning curriculum. Like many other young adults in Suriname, she held the belief at that time that becoming a doctor was only for students in the B-stream learning curriculum as they were smarter than those in the A-stream. Despite feeling out of her element, Judith pursued an education in economics, a field she believed she had no choice but to pursue. From this experience, she realized the importance of prioritizing personal happiness in one’s career or educational path. Determined to empower her clients, she made it her mission to guide them toward choices that align with their true passions and bring them fulfillment.

After high school, Judith headed to the USA to study. She ultimately earned two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Radiologic Technology and one in Business Management at the University of Central Florida

Her Impact

Upon returning to Suriname, Judith had difficulty adapting to the Suriname healthcare system and soon quit working within this industry.

Following this, her father invited her to join his successful Real Estate company. After working alongside her father for several years, she became a sworn real estate appraiser, one of the few women in that field at the time. Working with her father proved to be highly educational, and Judith has now been a certified real estate appraiser for over 25 years. Judith eventually decided to establish her own real estate company which is active till this day.

From establishing her own real estate and appraisal company to venturing into the realm of marketing and communications, Judith’s career trajectory was marked by a relentless pursuit of growth and innovation.

Armed with a newfound degree in marketing and communications and fueled by her exceptional communication skills, Judith swiftly ascended to the role of Communication Manager at a telecommunications company. Immersed in the intricacies of the industry, she gained invaluable insights into the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications.

However, Judith’s entrepreneurial spirit beckoned her to new horizons, leading her to embark on her own entrepreneurial venture. Recognizing back then the potential of SMS technology, Judith founded BOGO NV (Business On The Go), with SMS marketing at its core and with her own SMS platform. With a dedicated team and a visionary outlook, the company experienced exponential growth, propelling Judith into the forefront of the mobile marketing landscape.

As a member of the International Mobile Marketing Association, Judith remained at the forefront of industry trends and innovations, leveraging her expertise to drive BOGO NV’s success. Yet, despite her initial triumphs, Judith soon encountered the sobering reality of being in the technological space without a safety net.

The rapid advancement of technology outpaced BOGO NV’s capabilities, exposing vulnerabilities in its business model. Judith acknowledges that the failure to anticipate and adapt to these changes was a pivotal oversight—one that ultimately led to the company’s decline.

Reflecting on this experience, Judith identifies a crucial lesson for entrepreneurs and business owners: “the imperative of staying attuned to technological trends and industry shifts”. She emphasizes the importance of strategic planning, proactive adaptation, and assembling the right team to navigate through challenging times.

Judith recognizes the value of seeking guidance from business coaches and industry experts to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and mitigate risks effectively. Judith’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the dynamic nature of business and the importance of adaptability in the face of technological evolution.

While BOGO NV may have faced setbacks, as of today BOGO NV stands as a comprehensive communication and marketing consultancy, offering a diverse array of services tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients. From strategic communication planning and brand development to event management and communication training, the company provides end-to-end solutions designed to drive success and maximize impact.

Amidst the challenges of keeping her company afloat, Judith found herself at a crossroads, grappling with the uncertainty of prospects and dwindling resources. It was during this time that an unexpected opportunity emerged—a chance to pivot towards an entirely different industry as a Communication Manager in the mining sector.

With a leap of faith and a steadfast belief in her abilities, Judith embraced this new opportunity, determined to turn the page and embark on a fresh chapter in her professional journey. Stepping into the unfamiliar terrain of the mining industry, she brought with her a wealth of experience in communications, coupled with a relentless drive to succeed.

As she navigated the complexities of the mining sector, she embraced the opportunity to develop new skills and expand her expertise, seizing every opportunity for personal growth and learning new skills along the way.

Through her innovative approaches to communication and her unwavering commitment to excellence, she played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of key projects and initiatives within the goldmining industry.

As she reflects on her journey, Judith acknowledges the transformative power of embracing change and stepping outside one’s comfort zone. What began as a scary transition into unfamiliar territory ultimately became a catalyst for personal and professional growth, pushing her toward new heights of success and fulfillment. Beyond her professional life, Judith embraced a spiritual side. Influenced by inspirational pioneers, she still felt a strong desire to help individual souls pursue their happiness.

Throughout her remarkable entrepreneurial journey spanning over 25 years, Judith has remained steadfast in her commitment to fostering happiness, resilience, and personal growth—both within her business endeavors and in the lives of those around her. Guided by a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of positivity and self-discovery, she has dedicated herself to creating safe spaces, spreading love, and empowering others to overcome challenges and embrace their full potential.

As Judith navigated the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, she recognized the critical importance of managing stress and prioritizing personal well-being in the pursuit of success. Drawing upon her own experiences and a passion for personal development by year after year listening to old-school personal development gurus like Less Brown and Tony Robbins, she delved into the study of stress counseling, life coaching, and writing therapy, equipping herself with the tools and knowledge needed to guide others on their journey towards fulfillment and excellence.

Armed with her newfound expertise, Judith set up a third company; FLY – Life Coaching and Training. At the core of Judith’s entrepreneurial ventures lies FLY’s philosophy: nurturing resilience and fostering personal growth amidst the dynamic landscape of business. Through empowerment and positivity, FLY intertwines happiness and success. The name was inspired by overcoming life’s lows and learning the importance of self-love. Judith developed a creative method involving writing therapy, coaching, and counseling that produced positive results.

At the heart of FLY lies a commitment to creating a supportive and nurturing environment where individuals can explore their passions, overcome obstacles, and unlock their true potential.

Growth through experience

In 2020, as the marketing manager of a major project, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic provided Judith with a profound shift in perspective, turning inward and creating more space and self-reflection for herself. Embracing this new lens on life, her creativity soared, leading her to delve deeper into songwriting and creative thinking. (Judith’s musical inspiration transcended personal accolades, as her artistic endeavors  reached a remarkable achievement in 2016, securing third place at the Suripop Festival)

Beyond the confines of business, Judith’s commitment to spreading happiness and fostering personal growth extends into all aspects of her life. As a trusted mentor and confidante, she embodies the principles of compassion, empathy, and active listening, offering a beacon of support and encouragement to those in need.

Judith’s two children are her greatest source of inspiration and pride, motivating her to continually strive for excellence. The loss of her very spiritual father touched her deeply and catalyzed her spiritual awakening, empowering her leadership qualities and resilience as a woman.

As Judith reflects on her journey, she is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Whether it’s through her businesses, her coaching practice, or simply by lending a listening ear, she remains dedicated to spreading love, happiness, and inspiration wherever she goes.

In a world often marked by uncertainty and adversity, Judith’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the profound impact that one individual can have in creating positive change. Through her unwavering commitment to personal growth, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness, she continues to inspire others to embrace their journey toward fulfillment and excellence, one step at a time.

Closing Remarks Judith 

Remember, a simple smile has the power to brighten someone’s day and leave a profound mark of kindness. Let us strive to treat others with the same warmth and compassion we wish to receive, for in the end, it’s not our words or actions that are remembered, but the way we make others feel. As Maya Angelou wisely said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Let us leave a legacy of love, kindness, and empathy wherever our journey takes us.

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