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Childhood of Quemara Louisville

Quemara Ramona Louisville was born on December 6, 1992, in Paramaribo, Suriname. She is the eldest child of her mother, Marcia Walden, and the only child of her father, Ramon Louisville. After being the only child for over 9 years and receiving all the attention and energy from her parents, Quemara had to adjust to having two younger sisters in the house. Describing herself as a calm young woman dedicated to love, helpfulness, and positivity, Quemara believes in finding something positive in everything one does. These values are not only imparted to her two children but to everyone she encounters in daily life, be it her sisters, family, colleagues, or students.

Her childhood and adolescence were enjoyable for Quemara. She experienced a pleasant upbringing, playing on the streets with friends, and exploring her creativity. Despite a strict upbringing, Quemara had all her needs met, leading her to appreciate things from a young age. In her youth, she engaged in various sports, including Kung Fu lessons with her father and badminton at SCVU. Her father, a lifelong sportsman and retired FIFA referee, tried to interest her in the soccer world, even buying her soccer shoes as gifts. However, soccer did not resonate with Quemara, and she did not pursue a career as an arbiter.

Having another child in the house after 9 years was an adjustment for Quemara. Despite initial challenges, she embraced her role with love and responsibility, vowing to support her sisters always. Quemara took the responsibility to simplify study materials for her sisters, so it would be less difficult for them to go through the educational journey, fostering a strong and supportive bond. Their agreement for life is to handle minor disagreements without escalating into major conflicts.

As a dedicated student, Quemara did well in school and is currently in the final phase of the Bachelor of Business Administration program at Hogeschool ABC. Due to her competencies, she has been admitted to the Master’s Program in Accounting at FHR program through her work. Despite her calm attitude and academic focus, she was adopted by different peer groups in each class, keeping up a high standard of performance and resisting peer pressure. As the supportive individual that she is, she invested her afternoons and Saturdays supporting and guiding fellow students in subjects where they needed assistance, contributing to collective success in the final year exams.

Her Impact

From her teenage years, Quemara harbored the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, though she hadn’t yet determined the specific field. At the age of 15, she landed her most memorable summer job, archiving old videos and photos in the administration department. However, her creative and dynamic spirit quickly revealed that these tasks were not her calling. The television department staff noticed the discomfort and swiftly took action. Quemara was introduced to recording and editing tasks, leading her to work at Apintie for over 6 years. Later, she offered her services as a freelancer and gained additional expertise while employed at Intersnap, contributing to many enjoyable times and productions.

Quemara started working at a young age, despite her father’s initial disapproval of a steady job. Eventually, she balanced work and studies, exploring various positions. The entrepreneurial spirit persisted, with Quemara constantly seeking ways to make her work her own and exploring freelancing possibilities.

Later, Quemara and her mother and sisters started baking together. Observing her mother’s catering business provided insight into operations and planning, further fueling her entrepreneurial aspirations. Eventually, she recognized a demand for assistance with schoolwork and decided to turn it into a business after observing diverse enterprises. Thus, she began helping people at their homes for a small fee, leading to the conceptualization of Upward Institute.

Upward Institute was officially launched on December 17, 2022. Offering academic support at all levels, it actively guides and assists students with their studies. Additionally, the institute provides courses on various subjects such as Presentation Techniques, Taxes, Professional Letters, Communication Skills, and more. The teachers, hailing from diverse fields, share their knowledge and skills with the people of Suriname. Upward Institute aims to make a positive impact on the growth and progress of mainly young Surinamese individuals, emphasizing not only education but also social and creative aspects through various organized activities.

Quemara is not only the co-founder of Upward Institute but also the founder of KayJi Business Cleaning & Professional Services. Established on December 13, 2023, this cleaning company goes beyond cleaning by incorporating an academy, enabling industry job seekers to acquire skills that go beyond a lifetime of being a cleaner.

In addition to her ventures, Quemara has a passion for design. She has designed reports, calendars, certificates, and other documents for various schools and businesses, leading to the creation of Impulse Communication & Marketing Hub. The company fosters communication and collaborations between businesses. Upward Institute is located at Alexander Samuelsstraat 36a in Paramaribo North.

Growth through experience

“Wang Ogri e Tjar Wang Bung.”

As a budding entrepreneur, your life undergoes a transformation in the sense that you have to set things in motion and invest a considerable amount of time in your business, especially if you have a family and a job. Balancing all these aspects can be challenging. Sacrifices must be made, making it crucial for effective communication among all parties involved. Due to the busy nature of various enterprises, Quemara’s relationship suffered, eventually leading to its breakdown. Quemara channels negative thoughts and energy, particularly during stressful times and challenges, into positive energy, investing it in keeping her businesses running. In stressful situations, Quemara strives to focus on positive aspects to attract positivity. This approach has allowed her to dedicate more time and energy to her business, realizing the set goals that will offer Quemara and her children a promising future.

Upward Institute has also experienced growth in the business. The number of students has increased from 6 to 20, availing themselves of Upward Institute’s services regularly. Subsequently, there was further growth from 20 to 35 brands within 6 months. Positive feedback from parents led to Upward Institute being proposed as a training partner for Digicel in Suriname. Over the recent period, Upward Institute has also formed partnerships with SWM and Telesur.

Regarding KayJi Business Cleaning & Professional Services, there has been a steady influx of clients since the start of the promotion, and they successfully secured one of the major clients the company had targeted.

Closing Remarks Quemara

Extract something positive from everything you do. Overcome every fear and JUST DO IT. It is also crucial to find people around you who can constantly push and motivate you to do your best. This is especially true for budding entrepreneurs.


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