[Entrepreneurs Impact 15] Journey Jimmy Setrowidjojo

Childhood of Jimmy Setrowidjojo

Jimmy Setrowidjojo was born on January 27, 1977, into a family that had five children total, four of whom are still living. He is the brother of two

brothers and and two sisters, one of  the brothers being deceased. Noermie Soetodimedjo and Ruben Setrowidjojo, who held the position of Minister of Social Affairs during the 1980s, are his parents. Jimmy has two kids with his wife. Jimmy didn’t truly grow up with his biological siblings because his parents were divorced.  He maintains a strong relationship with his siblings, although they don’t get to see each other as often as they would like.

Jimmy is an Associate and a member of the executive board at his church, the ”Baptistengemeente Vrije Evangelisatie”. Like any other student, his enthusiasm for school was mostly focused on recess. He may have been among the high scorers if he had put in more effort.

After attending St. Ignatius School, I.P.J. Berkenveld School, and NATIN, where he consciously selected a practical education path in civil engineering, he continued his study. With the exception of the latter, Jimmy subsequently did not finish his schooling at PTC. As one of PTC’s first students, he had to balance his education with his job. Because of his father’s international residency, he was able to study there. Jimmy’s desired job was to become an architect, but he was unable to fulfill this ambition for a variety of reasons, including his inability to further his education in the Netherlands.

Jimmy has a background in civil engineering, having studied architecture. His journey began in an architectural firm and continued in construction contracting. In the past, Jimmy worked for the company ‘Bouwbedrijf van Kessel.’ Nowadays, it’s called Haukes Construction, as Haukes Construction acquired the company. Subsequently, he transitioned into steel construction. Additionally, Jimmy has experience in tourism, where he was responsible for maintenance, structures, and designing buildings at Overbridge River Resort for several years. Afterward, Jimmy joined an engineering firm where he spent 15 years honing his skills to become the professional he is today. Following his time at the engineering firm, Jimmy moved to his current position.


His Impact

He started off in the architectural industry at Architecten Buro Gonsalves en Partners. Bouwbedrijf van Kessel allowed him to be involved in the building of the Hermitage Mall. He moved on to a construction company after leaving Bouwbedrijf van Kessel, where he worked for eight months. After that, he traveled to Overbridge River Resort, where he spent four years using his talents to design and build the complex’s homes, huts, and cabanas. He finally made it to the Civil Engineering Firm (IBT) after around 4 years. He acquired experience and practical understanding about the fundamentals of his line of work there. He worked on projects for Staatsolie and N.V. Energie Bedrijven Suriname in addition to designing, drafting, and constructing the Finabank on Dr. Sophie Redmondstraat. This talented individual views the director of the company as a great mentor, and he attributes his skill development to him.

He is currently a Project Manager at Northwestern Metal Working and Northwestern Contractors & Steel, where he is in charge of day-to-day operations.

As a Christian, Jimmy values belief in the Creator immensely. He holds a Bachelor’s in Theology from Suriname and plans to pursue a Master’s in Theology to deepen his understanding of the subject.

Growth through Experience

Jimmy has encountered some challenges in his business dealings. As a result, he has gained the capacity to manage them. At first, he prefers to figure things out on his own. The issue is that he tries to tackle everything by himself before seeking help. This has in the past occasionally led to conflicts with coworkers and/or projects. There have been moments when it got worse, which caused problems for him. But while Jimmy develops this characteristic, he’s also learning how to deal with it and realizing that he can’t do everything on his own and that he needs to appreciate and trust other people for their abilities. A problem with projects could be that they are not completed in the specified time frame. Jimmy remains challenged with communication, something he is working on to improve in order to establish lasting relationships with stakeholders and partners.

The number and size of the projects at Northwestern clearly reflect the institution’s growth. There has been a noticeable rise in the number of projects after the disruption brought on by COVID in previous years, which led to project blocks.

Closing Remarks from Jimmy

As a believer, it is very important for Jimmy to start everything he does, even his day, with the Lord Jesus Christ. As a human being, it is important to be honest at all times. Try to do everything from a pure heart, knowing why you are doing it. Besides doing it for yourself, you also do it for others and the next generation. Try to think of your fellow human beings in everything you undertake. Especially consider the long-term consequences and the sustainable developments or solutions that the actions bring about. Let us do everything from a pure heart. Not everything revolves around money, and it is important to know that well-being is more important than wealth in terms of finances. Wealth can certainly contribute to well-being, but we must not lose sight of the fact that well-being is above wealth if we want a healthy community. It is important to find satisfaction in everything we do. Success is not only measured by quantity. Rather strive for excellence than what humans consider success.

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