Cohort 3

Investment Acceleration Program

Start and expand your business globally in Suriname, Guyana, the United States, or worldwide. This program supports startups, founders, and entrepreneurs in building impactful, scalable businesses that benefit society. In just 10 weeks, with 10 modules and 20 sessions, you’ll receive guidance from over 10 international mentors, over 10 hours of coaching, and complete nearly 100 strategic assignments using various documents, templates, and practical tips. Additionally, you’ll access a database of 500+ international business investors, acquire valuable international business knowledge, and prepare for global growth. We start the next cohort in June 2024.

Cohort 3 – June 2024

Registration Open

Early Bird: USD249 (Ends April 24)
Financing 3 x USD100 (Ends April 24)
Regular: USD349 (Ends May 24)

Program Starts

June 01, 2024

Online Tue & Thu 6PM EST

Program Duration

10 Weeks (20 sessions)

June - August

Program Value USD2500

Regular: USD349 (Ends May 24)

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Launch Your Global Business: Earn from Anywhere, Create Global Impact, Attract
International Customers and Accelerate Your Investments.

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The program value is USD2500, just for this time you will only pay USD249 (Early Bird).
Business Benefits
International professionals, mentors, and investors access to support your strategy and growth.
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100.000+ Ebooks, Tips & Tricks, 1000+ Templates & Tools, Access to 500+ Investment Funds

Our Mentors

We have partnerships with over 50 international experts and renowned professionals from Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Serbia, Netherlands, India, and the USA.

Modules & Schedule

Our program is designed to provide you with the guidance and support you need to take your business to the next level on the global stage.

Module 00: Introduction

Enter the OneShot Investment Acceleration Program, your gateway to the entrepreneurial world! We’ve designed a comprehensive program to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the essential knowledge, tools, and opportunities needed for success in the dynamic business and investment landscape. Our curriculum, renowned instructors, and hands-on approach will empower you to launch, grow, and globalize your business. Expect state-of-the-art modules, interactive sessions, networking opportunities, mentorship, guidance, and abundant resources. Join us for a transformative journey towards entrepreneurial success!

Module 01: The Founder’s Story

What fuels your entrepreneurial passion? Craft your compelling story to resonate with employees, investors, and customers. Explore how these elements harmonize to form a unified narrative. Define your aspirations and success criteria. Articulate your business vision, mission, and purpose. Outline your desired impact. This module employs David Riemer’s methodology from the bestseller “Get Your Startup Story Straight” to craft your unique story.

Module 02: Product & Service

How does your product or service address the identified problem? Effective solutions impact customers’ lives. Ensure your business is structured for international scalability, opening doors to global markets. Share your solution with the world. This module assists in innovatively shaping your product or service, making it appealing in the digital era and poised for international growth.

Module 03: Customer Value

How do you validate customer problems and the value of your product or service through interviews? Identify your unique qualifications to address these issues. Assess the problem’s significance. Learn tools and techniques for tracking industry trends. Deliver exceptional customer value and prevent them from turning to competitors. Outperform competitors using customer experiences. Build strong customer relationships, turning them into advocates. This module helps you create a customer development strategy, fostering strong customer relationships while outshining competitors.

Module 04: Business Models

The business model is a blueprint that defines how a company creates, delivers, and captures value. It outlines the core components of a business, such as the target customer segment, value proposition, revenue streams, and cost structure. A well-crafted business model ensures that a company’s activities are aligned with its objectives, leading to sustainable growth and profitability. It serves as the foundation for a successful enterprise, guiding its strategies and operations. In this model, we will guide you to craft your own business model integrating the 9 building blocks.

Module 05: Pitch Master

Explore the “Pitch Master” module, where you’ll Improve your skills in presenting to potential investors and banks. Craft captivating pitches to secure financial support. Learn effective strategies for conveying your value proposition and growth potential globally. Discover recommended tactics for startup pitches, avoid common pitfalls, adapt your narrative to the audience, and utilize templates and techniques to enhance your pitch’s effectiveness.In this module you will improve your story to be able to pitch for success on a global stage.

Module 06: Finance & Funding

Explore your finance and funding strategy for your business in this module. We’ll assist you in crafting a financing strategy and provide insights on industry financing options. Analyze international investment funding benchmarks to map your business’s path. Determine your business’s valuation for informed growth. We’ll guide you in creating a compelling pitch for banks or investors, which can be employed globally.

In the domain of business startup and growth, a solid ethical foundation is essential. Adhering to high ethical standards fosters trust, and regulatory compliance, safeguards the business’s reputation. Upholding integrity, transparency, and responsible practices leads to sustainable success and societal contributions. In this module, you’ll gain insights into the legal aspects of business, covering incorporation,  trademarks, intellectual property, copyright, and more. Directly engage with an experienced business attorney to ensure you have the right information at your disposal.

Module 08: Business Strategy & Growth

Business strategy serves as the guiding force for a company’s journey towards growth and prosperity. It entails establishing precise objectives, comprehending the competitive environment, recognizing prospects, and coordinating resources for maximum outcomes. An effective strategy and proficient implementation drive a company’s growth, allowing it to flourish in a dynamic market and attain sustainable expansion. In this module, you will be equipped with strategic insights and methodologies for crafting your business strategy, leveraging key performance indicators (KPIs) and strategic business objectives to foster growth.

Module 09: Investment Readiness Strategy

In this exclusive bonus section, you’ll gain access to three modules designed to bolster your business’s growth. The first module, “Founder and Team,” delves into the importance of assembling the right team, understanding your role, timing, and the problem you’re solving. Additionally, discover your BOSI profile (Builder, Opportunist, Specialist, or Innovator). The second module explores the “Go to Market” strategy, helping you find product-market fit. The final module focuses on “Investment Readiness,” providing a strategic business plan template for bank applications or investor presentations.

Module 10: Final Pitch & Certificate

Following a successful final pitch in the investment acceleration program, you’ll earn a certification affirming your entrepreneurial acumen and pitch readiness. Throughout the program, your business should have grown, and your network of professionals, mentors, and peers expanded, creating a supportive community. You’re now ready to confidently present your business on various platforms, and potential investment may also be available during the investment pitch if your business demonstrates the required potential to our investment panel.

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OneShot is very professional, has a proactive approach and offers a smooth service. Definitely recommended for digital solutions.

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The Businesss Startup guidance accelerated our strategy to successfully pitch for investors. Highly recommend OneShot.

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OneShot International: Expertise, cohesion, responsiveness, data-backed solutions, admirable post-deployment follow-up.

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A transformative program providing invaluable insights and tools for business success.

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The OneShot Program, pushed me to make priority changes for my business

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OneShot's Investment Acceleration Program employs a tailored approach for impactful and personalized learning.

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One Shot International transformed my business with invaluable guidance

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