[Entrepreneurs Impact] Journey Enrico “Rico” Bommel

Childhood of Enrico “Rico” Bommel

Born and raised in Suriname, Paramaribo is where it all started for Enrico “Rico” Bommel. Born on June 25, 1987, Enrico Bommel came into this world and spent most of his childhood in Kasabaholo. Rico enjoyed his childhood playing with friends from his neighborhood in the ‘80s when there was no fancy technological way of spending your time, than with each other having real fun and making memories. He enjoyed a lot of love during his childhood, especially from his grandmother who was the backbone in supporting him and the family.

Growing up in a one-parent household, became more challenging when the backbone who was supporting the family, the grandmother of Rico, left to live in the USA, Miami, and suddenly became sick and had to go through surgery. This was a very challenging period for Rico, because not only did he miss his grandmother, but he was also worried about her and on top of it all the support she was providing also came to an end. This had a tremendous impact on his family. In some instances, he also had to choose between getting food or paying bills which also led him to drop out of school. The lifestyle he was used to, changed tremendously and that triggered the growth mindset even more and he started searching for a solution to support himself and the family.

As an early school drop-out, Rico started to use his talents to come to places where he knew he would meet certain people he wanted to share a seat at the table with and network to find growth opportunities. He started his dancing career in various dance groups and later continued with rap. Working in Starzz Discotheek for approximately six years provided the opportunity to meet people with a growth mindset and men whom he looked up to and who are now his friends and business partners.

Leaving Suriname to go live in the US in 2011 to create a better life, started with a Marble business. The aim was to import marble from Brazil to the US, but this did not stay for long, since it was very challenging Rico started doing business in Real Estate and built the Hot Sauce company Su Yum Foods together with his wife and her parents as equal partners.

His Impact

Embarking on a journey into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, Rico has not only reshaped his lifestyle and mindset through business, but left an indelible mark on the business landscape, demonstrating the profound impact consistency can have on innovation, growth, and societal change. From manually producing 120 bottles an hour with the whole family, Su Yum Food now produces more than 2000 bottles of hot sauce in one hour using machines. Having a great clientele in the USA is one of the greatest achievements, wherein influencers such as ‘David’s Been Here’ became an ambassador for Hot Sauce. Su Yum Food also has a market at restaurants that are cooking with their marinade. As a Suriname company based in the USA, Su Yum Food works exclusively with raw ingredients from Suriname without additives. This company is the first and largest certified Suriname Hot Sauce company doing business in the US.

Su Yum

Growth comes with its challenges. The challenges Su Yum Foods faces are the prices of the import of raw ingredients from Suriname, due to inflation and economic challenges. And the volume of orders that are increasing. The company has put its strategy into place and is working towards solving these challenges of the volume by the end of January 2024. That this dynamic company is on the rise is noticeable looking at the growth of the company in the past years.

Last words from Rico

Rico shares that his focus is on small businesses and young entrepreneurs. To reach the top one has to be consistent and have love in their heart. There is no reason to hate and or be negative towards each other. Even through the challenges, there is enough room for everyone at the top. To reach the top entrepreneurs should be aware of their priorities and what they spend their time on. Be sure to follow the right people who inspire and eventually mentor you to become better. Ensure a healthy environment where love and grants are strongly present. Follow people and organizations who are already at the top and provide a platform/help for others to grow such as Rico himself, OneShot International, and others. Be positive, talk positive, and represent positivity in your lifestyle and in your products or services. Find the drive within and make your dreams come true.

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Silicon Valley innovation bridge to Suriname and Guyana!

Exactly a month after the Launch of the digital business platform OneShot in Suriname the company based in USA California, has now completed the launch of its platform in the developing countries Guyana and Suriname. In July 2022 Guyana Nation’s newspaper, Guyana Chronicle reported the potential of this for companies in Guyana in the article “US-based tech company eyes local partnerships”.

In Suriname, the launch of this platform was done in January 2023 in Courtyard by Marriott in front of a strategic group of business professionals and hundreds who joined the LIVE session online from several parts of the world, also the launch was broadcasted LIVE on the national TV station in Suriname the STVS. The launch of this platform in Suriname was facilitated by the speakers Mr. Anvit Ramlakhan, Chairman of ICT Association Suriname, Mr. Marlon Joseph President and Founder of Together We Win Business Network Guyana, Mr. Frans Eersteling Management Advisor of Arrow Business Academy and Mr. Renato Archer Founder and CEO of OneShot International.

In the past months, the OneShot platform has grown with hundreds of entrepreneurs from Suriname, Guyana, and the USA and is improving rapidly, making it one of the key platforms for people in developing countries to Start, Build, and Grow a digital business internationally. In an interview with the Founder and CEO of OneShot International Renato Archer, he said: “ The aim of the OneShot digital business platform is to become the bridge to “Silicon Valley’s Ecosystem” for those in developing countries who want to do business internationally. We do this by bringing them all the business resources needed to make their innovative ideas come true, since traveling to “Silicon Valley” is very expensive and doesn’t guarantee success”.

Silicon Valley is a region in Northern California (USA) that serves as a global center for high technology and innovation. Silicon Valley (SV) is the home to many of the world’s largest high-tech corporations (and startup companies) like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and many more. SV also accounts for one-third of all venture capital investment in the United States which has helped it to become a leading hub and startup ecosystem for high-tech innovation in the world where ideas that serve society are being supported to turn into successful businesses.

Archer mentioned that in his opinion, these tech giants based in developed countries solve huge topics for the world and in several instances, the solutions are beneficial to the underdeveloped as well, for instance, WhatsApp, but there are many challenges that developing countries still face that are not served and not on a clear solution agenda to be solved because they only occur in developing countries. For instance:

  • Education is still a topic in rural areas of developing countries like Suriname, Guyana, and many more without a clear solution ahead leaving millions of young people with no future;
  • Entrepreneurship is at an all-time low and declining in several of these countries looking to the World Bank Ease of Doing business report from 2019. Suriname ranked 162/190 and Guyana 134/190 which will eventually impact new startups and lead to fewer extra job opportunities;
  • 70-90% of financial transactions in Suriname and Guyana are still done in cash creating tremendous challenges for the economy, the people, and the adaption of new solutions to drive economic growth.

Guyana is leading this region currently in a booming state with the Oil and Gas findings (Suriname and Trinidad following) which projects tremendous growth to the economy, but still, Guyana has several challenges with regards to human capital not fully being ready to support this world-class transformation that is required. Instead of outsourcing all of the key opportunities to perform this transformation to international companies, the local population needs to bring the “Innovative Mindset” to these countries so they can become self-sufficient and gain maximum from their natural resources.

OneShot is established in California, near Silicon Valley to be the bridge for digital business startups in developing countries in order to boost entrepreneurs in these nations to take ownership of challenges in their countries. The goal is to facilitate the critical thinking process and drive digital business innovation which will lead to the development of several Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to grow internationally which will in the end deliver personal and economic growth. OneShot will in this regard grant access to an international professional network, venture capital, coaching, and mentoring needed to achieve this goal.

OneShot has a strategic plan with several international partners from Suriname, Guyana, and the USA to drive sustainable solutions for challenges in developing countries. If you are a business professional and you share this same mission in your business strategy we would encourage you to become a partner. If you want to Start, Build, or Grow your own international business join us at www.oneshot.sr and stay tuned for the upcoming opportunities!

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