[News & Media] OneShot commits USD29,000 Investment across Seven Startups in Inaugural Cohort!

OneShot International, headquartered in California, USA, with branches in Suriname and Guyana, is a Digital Business Accelerator on a mission to assist over 1000 entrepreneurs in starting and expanding their businesses globally by 2030. The organization believes that entrepreneurs play a crucial role in addressing contemporary world challenges.

To support entrepreneurs, OneShot International offers the OneShot Investment Acceleration Program, which includes mentoring, guidance, and necessary investments. To achieve this goal collaboration is key, this is why OneShot has established partnerships with over 50 entities in seven countries to deliver this comprehensive program. Organizational Transformers NV (OTNV) supports managing operations in Suriname, while Together We Win Business Network (TWWBN) oversees Guyana. In the inaugural cohort of the program 16 entrepreneurs from Suriname, Guyana, Curacao & Jamaica joined.

The inaugural cohort of the program was completed on December 1st, 2023, with nine out of 16 talented entrepreneurs advancing to the final pitching stage before the distinguished Investment Panel. Many argue that the setup of the pitches is similar to the well-known, Shark Tank which is being broadcast by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).

After the final pitching, seven of the nine entrepreneurs secured USD 29,000 in resource-based investments for their startups. These remarkable businesses are located in Suriname, Guyana, Curacao, and Jamaica. The live broadcasts of the pitches were aired on ATV-Networks Suriname, NCN Guyana, and OneShot Social Channels.

The pitches were assessed using the OneShot 5-Level Investment Framework:

  • Level 5: Finance Investment
  • Level 4: Resources-Based Investment
  • Level 3: Business Consultancy
  • Level 2: Post-Program Support
  • Level 1: Rethink and Improve Your Concept (No Investment)

The evaluation of the pitches yielded the following results:

  1. Candace Wickham, Founder Procare Therapy & Wellness Centre (Granted Level 4: Resource-Based Investment to build the Procare Learning Platform worth USD10.000)
  2. Erika van der Mark, Founder Journey to Horizon, Truthversation (Granted Level 4: Resource-Based Investment to produce a digital version of the Truthversation Course and publish it on Udemy International Platform worth USD10.000 )
  3. Nancy Boldewijn, Founder Anseila Virtual Assistance (Granted Level 4: Resource-Based Investment to build the Anseila Virtual Assistance Platform worth USD5.000)
  4. Shamela John, Founder Resysco by SJ (Granted Level 3: Business Consultancy worth USD1.500)
  5. Desmond Croker, Founder Amcec Health (Granted Level 3: Business Consultancy worth USD1.500)
  6. Desnetha Croker, Founder HCN Enterprises (Granted Level 2: Post-program support worth USD500)
  7. Rachel Tokromo, Founder Ma-Aisa (Granted Level 2: Post-program support worth USD500)
  8. Quemara Louisville, Founder Business Cleaning (Level 1: Rethink & Improve – No Investment granted)
  9. Chevaro Brown, Founder Mental Health Connect (Level 1: Rethink & Improve – No Investment granted)

Additionally, three awards were granted to the most promising graduates. The three entrepreneurs received special awards for outstanding performance:

  • Most Promising Startup Idea: Rachel Tokromo, Founder of Ma-Aisa
  • Most Promising Entrepreneur: Erika van der Mark, Founder of Journey to Horizon – Truthversation
  • Most Promising Business: Candace Wickham, Founder of Procare Therapy and Wellness Centre

If you have a business idea, startup, or existing business and need investment to start or grow, consider joining the OneShot Investment Acceleration Program. Cohort 2 is starting in February 2024. The investment criteria align with the OneShot 5-Level Investment Framework. Catch the highlights of the pitches on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PBFFPJIHGE 

Register now to be part of the next wave of innovation here: https://oneshot.sr/investment-acceleration-registration/ 

See you in Cohort 2 – Starting February 2024! More information here: https://oneshot.sr/investment-acceleration/ 

Special thanks to all partners, mentors, advisors, and team members, who made the 1st Cohort a success! Also our sincere gratitude to ATV Suriname & NCN Guyana for their support.

Source: OneShot International LLC.

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