[News & Media] Social Media Conference 2023 shaping the digital landscape in Suriname

The Social Media Conference Suriname 2023, which took place from October 23 to 25, has come to a close. This annual conference is dedicated to exploring the latest developments in the field of Social Media in Suriname, the Caribbean, and around the world. Since its inaugural edition in 2017, the conference has consistently expanded in terms of the number of sessions, speakers, and participants, attracting professionals and enthusiasts from South America, North America, and Europe. The topics covered at the conference encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from Social Media platforms to their integration with various aspects of online marketing, traditional marketing, mobile and app development, e-commerce, and emerging markets. Attendees come from diverse backgrounds, including marketing, PR, and communication professionals, corporate junior and senior management, small and medium business owners, students, media professionals, and social media enthusiasts.

According to Anvit Ramlakhan, who led the panel discussion on digital transformation, key themes were explored that have the potential to shape the digital landscape in Suriname. See his key takeaways here:

  1. Access to Fast Internet & Integrated Digital Payment Platform: The emphasis was placed on improving internet and payment infrastructure throughout Suriname, ensuring that everyone has access to fast internet and seamless payment services, representing the first step towards an inclusive digital future! 🚀
  2. Digital Literacy Programs: Empowering individuals with digital skills was a highlighted priority. We called for the establishment of comprehensive digital literacy programs in schools, community centers, and workplaces to bridge the digital divide. 📚💡
  3. Local Content Creation: We recognized the importance of preserving our rich culture and traditions in the online sphere. There is a significant need for collective efforts to promote the creation of authentic Surinamese content, preserving our heritage and sharing our stories with the world. 🌍🇸🇷
  4. E-commerce and Support for SMEs: Supporting small and medium-sized businesses was a central theme. Efforts should be made to develop e-commerce platforms and provide resources to help them thrive online! 💼💻
  5. Government Engagement on Social Media: Active encouragement of government engagement on social media platforms was emphasized as a way to promote transparency and efficient communication. Collaborative efforts can build trust and effectively address public concerns. 🤝🗳️
  6. Cybersecurity & Privacy Measures: Strong emphasis was placed on protecting our digital space. Advocating for robust cybersecurity measures was widespread, with the aim of ensuring a safe online environment for all users. 🛡️🔒

The conclusion of the Social Media Conference Suriname marks the end of a successful gathering of minds and ideas dedicated to the ever-evolving world of social media. With each passing year, this conference has grown in significance and influence, fostering connections and knowledge exchange across borders. As we move forward, we carry with us the valuable insights and innovative strategies discussed during this event. These takeaways have the potential to bring about positive transformations in the realm of social media and digital advancement in Suriname and beyond. We eagerly anticipate the continued growth and success of this conference as we collectively shape the future of social media in an increasingly connected world.

Sources: Anvit Ramlakhan, Social Media ConferenceSR & www.socialmedia.sr  

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