[News & Media] OneShot spots partnerships in Guyana

A SURINAMESE company is keen on entering into partnerships with three local companies following engagements on Day One of the “Together We Win Business Network (TWWBN)” small business conference and exhibition on July 15 – 17, 2022, at MovieTowne Guyana.

According to the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Archer Business Group, Renato Archer, he has seen several potential investment opportunities in Guyana, and engagements have already been started to finalise agreements for mutual development.

Archer noted that his company, OneShot International, which is based in the United States, is working to support the growth of companies in the digital space. He said that with the evolution of digital technology, the time is right for Guyanese companies to make the transition.

“Our company is supporting entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses throughout the whole world, with the focus being the United Stated. So, keep in mind that you can be in Guyana, and still earn money from the United States or other parts of the world. So, we’re doing a lot of investment; we’ve already met with three bright entrepreneurs that we will be doing business with, so that’s a really good thing,” Archer said.

These partnerships at the conference come on the heels of a partnership between TWWBN and a Surinamese private sector body.
The TWWBN and the Alliance of Business Associations in Suriname, in March 2022, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) to boost local business capacity, while significantly promoting joint investment opportunities.

The MoC describes intended cooperation between members of both networks in the areas of trade, business development, strategic alliances, joint ventures, joint investments, and joint internationalisation.
Archer said that one of the businesses his company is pursuing a partnership with is a local board game manufacturing company, which he intends to bring to new markets through the use of his company’s digital technology.

“What we’re planning to do with this company is invest first to expand its reach, and then we’re going to make a digital version of that game to bring it on a website or global app, and then take it global,” Archer related.
He added that the plan is to expand first within the Caribbean region, and then to the United States and other markets.

Speaking about the numerous investment opportunities he has seen since being in Guyana, Archer said: “Guyana is doing pretty good.”
He said he has seen many businesses that have good concepts and operations that require partnerships and innovation to be taken to the next level.

“The entrepreneurs from Suriname are really interested in doing business here… there will be actually a lot more companies coming soon as well, it has been very beneficial so far…. It’s really important that what we see what is happening in this region, that we tap in and jump in early to make sure that we all benefit from the opportunities here,” Archer said.

He added that he is also representing another company at the Business Conference and Expo and noted that that company, Arrow Business Academy, which is an online platform that connects qualified professionals with learners, is eager to collaborate with Guyanese to foster partnerships that would be mutually beneficial to both parties.

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