[News & Media] Suriname ICT Vision 2030

“Local content starts with a local identity” was one of the key remarks from the Chairman of the ICT Association Suriname, Mr. Anvit Ramlakhan at the Launch of the OneShot Digital Business Acceleration Platform. The Chairman shared key insights on the Suriname ICT Vision 2030 and ended the opening speech with a quote from Albert Einstein: “Execution without strategy is blind, and strategy without execution is Lame”.

“Let’s lot be Blind and let’s not be Lame, but let’s work together to grow the economy of Suriname (and other developing countries) via Digital Business Acceleration” – Anvit Ramlakhan

About OneShot:
OneShot International is a Digital Business Accelerator focused on supporting people with bright business or social ideas in developing countries to scale and make a change in the world.
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*International business resources to help you build and develop your international product or service;
*Investment opportunities: pitch for investors and get company valuation which can grant u investments if your concept is internationally scalable, has tremendous business potential and value to the society.
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If u missed the presentations of the Launch in Suriname you can still follow the 45 min video on youtube: “OneShot International Business Event”.
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