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Childhood of Rogier

Born on August 1, 1991, to Ingrid Jadi and Ramon Mahangi, Rogier’s family background is rooted in a blend of professional and entrepreneurial experiences. His father, Ramon Mahangi, served at Stichting Machinale Landbouw (SML) in charge of exports, While Ingrid, his mother, focused on being a full-time mother after first pursuing entrepreneurship.

In 2015, Rogier tied the knot with his business partner, Vanessa Souda. Their connection traces back to their time at the MULO school, and for over 17 years, they have navigated life together, evolving from friends to life and business partners. Together, they have settled life’s journey, upgrading from friends to business partners. This love story has endured successes and challenges, evolving from youth to maturity and from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. Raising a daughter, they enjoy the joys of Parenting together. Rogier and Vanessa are an example of a successful relationship, both personally and professionally, breaking the stereotype that couples cannot manage a successful business together. Rogier was born and raised in Tammenga, a neigbourhood in the capital of Suriname. He understands the value of having strong cultural roots. Apart from their joint commercial ventures.

For Rogier, understanding one’s origins is crucial, forming an integral part of one’s identity. He believes that as you grow, you discover there is more to life beyond the initial religious teachings received at home. Growing a broader perspective becomes essential.

Guided by his cultural background, Rogier incorporates daily quotes into his life philosophy. One such phrase is “Esi fu sjie, ma no esi fu piki,” translating to ‘observe before making a statement or taking actions.” Another principle he lives by is “A ati bron fu tide, leb’en gi tamara,” encouraging the practice of letting emotions settle before responding calmly at a later time. Recognizing that impulsive actions may result from stronger emotions, Rogier emphasizes the importance of a measured approach. Furthermore, his mantra “Te y’e nyang, nyang naga trawan” reinforces the idea of sharing, emphasizing the collective nature of community and cooperation. These principles, deeply rooted in Rogier’s upbringing and experiences, shape his approach to life and guide his interactions with the world.

Growing up in Tammenga, Rogier’s childhood was a mix of wonder and joy. In a bustling family of three brothers and one sister, he delighted in the connection, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of business-minded siblings. With their strong bond, they still support each other and fill the gaps where necessary.

His early years were filled with excitement through family vacations, energetic games with neighbors, and more. Rogier’s educational journey started in kindergarten at the Prakiki School, went to primary school at Polanenschool, and finished with MULO at Christus Koning School. As he progressed through his schooling, he attended the Algemene Middelbare School (AMS) for his college education before continuing his studies at the IBW University of Applied Sciences to earn an HBO degree. Lastly, at the AKAMA University, he obtained his Bachelor of Science in International Business.

From Superhero to Human

Rogier once perceived his parents, particularly his father, as superheroes. However, at the tender age of 16, life dealt him a transformative blow when his father suffered a stroke. Witnessing his idol’s vulnerability, Rogier confronted the harsh reality that even superheroes had flaws. This challenging period deepened the bond between father and son, and Rogier took on the joint role of caregiver. In the final months leading up to his father’s passing, they had heartfelt father-son moments together, intense. Despite the pain of loss, Rogier found comfort, knowing his father was finally free from suffering. The everlasting spirit and determination exhibited by his father, Ramon Mahangi, left an enduring impact. Even on his deathbed, Ramon blessed Rogier to forge ahead, carrying invaluable lessons and guidance into every aspect of his life.

Rogier’s entrepreneurial spirit flourished from his school days. Known for his trademark of always smelling good, he leveraged this quality to kickstart his business, initially selling perfumes and DVDs while still in school. After A period of time in government service, Rogier realized he had reached his ceiling. In collaboration with his partner, Vanessa Mahangi,  they ventured into the import/export of cosmetics, eventually establishing their own cosmetic company in 2015. Their enterprise, Scents of Essence (SoE), extended to diverse branches, including an online marketing platform and a Ritual Shop in Connection Mall. Alongside these ventures, Rogier and his partner delved into the car rental business in 2017, starting with one car and swiftly expanding to three within a few months. The Car Rental operation, growing both locally and internationally, extended its reach to Curaçao, Guyana, and Barbados.

Rogier became a shareholder in his brother’s company “AIM Industrial Solutions”

focused on construction and electrical installations, later rebranded as Preconsu, a construction company specializing in prefab constructions, renewable energy, and sustainable living. Expanding its wings internationally, Preconsu is making its mark in countries like Guyana and Barbados. Driven by his passion for cars, Rogier ventured into car rentals, while the construction company, fueled by a response to demand, aims to address housing shortages in Suriname. With a focus on providing sustainable homes for young professionals, Preconsu has evolved to meet the needs of entrepreneurs seeking office spaces, catering to those facing challenges of land ownership or insufficient capital.

His Impact

The first thing to take into consideration before taking action is the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For Preconsu, a project goes beyond the typical frameworks of a building company; it is also a Green Investment Foundation dedicated to balancing environmental and human environments.

Preconsu is a construction maze that creates a sustainable symphony rather than just laying bricks and beams. Its buildings are adorned with solar panels, which serve as both a stylish accent and an effective means of reducing domestic energy usage. Preconsu operates with a thoughtful knowledge that, in the absence of sustainable steps, we run the risk of permanent consequences due to the rising threat of global warming. As such, each building project is like an impression on the field that is the Sustainable Development Goals.

Preconsu shows up as a protector of the environment outside of the construction industry, reaching out to companies looking to reduce their carbon emissions. Preconsu takes on the role of an activist against environmental deterioration by means of strategic initiatives meant to counter CO2 emissions. It raises its flag in the center of Suriname, not just as a building company but also as a force that ignites environmental awareness and mobilizes people to take action.

Options for financing, fill the gap for people who want to acquire a place. It’s not only a corporate venture, distant from personal experience. Rogier is well acquainted with the maze of aspiration and the challenges of securing a place to call home while resources are still few.

Growth through experience

One of Preconsu’s accomplishments as a growing company is the relocation to a larger location, which will occur by the end of May 2024, which is at Jaggernath Lachmonstraat #62. Preconsu can still be contacted at +597 822-6970 and +597 740-0152.

Preconsu first appeared during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic. Rogier says it’s important to always have a backup plan. COVID-19 had a disastrous unintended effect on business owners and life in general. Such a situation was unforeseeable, highlighting the significance of backup measures.

SOE (Scents of Essence) could continue to exist by serving visitors and people on business trips to and from the interior and overseas because of the pandemic’s restriction of airspace. Rogier’s wife helped them profit from opportunities that turned out to be beneficial.

Being business owners, they always had a backup strategy. Despite the difficulties, their endeavors remained. Each company was started from scratch, it is essential to hire professionals with the necessary experience and teach employees how to operate in large markets as they grow.

Closing Remarks Rogier

The foundation of any activity, from start to finish, is self-confidence. Any vision must be realized with self-belief, which acts as a compass to lead people in the right direction. As an entrepreneur, a series of duties emerge that go beyond the work environment to include the well-being of colleagues’ families. All of the things that are done are ultimately investments in the next generation that will carry on the legacy. Ultimately, every action undertaken is an investment in the forthcoming generation, destined to inherit the legacy.

The key to this journey lies in excelling at every facet of life—whether personal, professional, or entrepreneurial. Strive to be of excellence in all you do, knowing that this commitment has the power to effect positive change. With an unwavering dedication to being the best, one ensures a lasting impact and leaves an indelible mark on every facet of life. Adopting such an attitude is an infallible path to success.


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