[Entrepreneurs Impact 09] Journey Rachel Tokromo

Childhood of Rachel Tokromo

“I am a soul to experience earthly life.” In agreement with Gran Gado Keduampon, a life mission is given, and the female body tasked with carrying out this mission on Earth is named Rachel Tokromo. Born on March 17, 1989, Rachel grew up in Amsterdam Zuidoost. As she approaches her 35th birthday, Rachel plans to express gratitude to her mother, Esther Macharius, for carrying, birthing, and caring for her. Esther’s background is Curaçaose, and her father, Micky Tokromo, is Javanese.

Rachel’s upbringing encompassed two contrasting family backgrounds—typical Javanese characteristics on her father’s side and a lively, celebratory atmosphere on her mother’s side. Her mother, Esther, created a loving and secure environment, being the primary source of support in Rachel’s life. Despite her parents’ separation and her father’s absence during her formative years, Rachel’s mother ensured a visual representation of her paternal half-sister Ivory Tokromo’s existence.

Her Impact

Rachel’s introspective journey inspired the creation of a platform dedicated to women’s self-discovery. Founded in 2015, MAMI WATA evolved into a hub for wellness events and retreats by 2017. Rachel firmly believes nurturing self-love paves the way for understanding others, fostering harmony within ourselves and the world.

Her life experiences and interactions, both offline and through the platform, provide valuable insights into individuals’ inner struggles in asserting themselves. Recognizing the challenge of grasping abstract concepts like personal development and spirituality, Rachel designs events and activities to make these ideas tangible and accessible.

Rachel’s commitment to innovation is evident in her participation in the OneShot investment acceleration program to develop MA-AISA, a VR game designed to guide individuals towards authenticity.

Growth through experience

Rachel’s educational journey led her through primary school, followed by a decision to pursue VMBO Theoretical Art. A high school internship when she was 14 in a local youth center called Tha Spot Jongeren Plaza sparked her interest in organizing and producing events. She kept volunteering after her internship at the local youth center. Here, Rachel honed her communication and leadership skills, fostering a sense of shared responsibility. This fell to Angelo Bromet, who saw her working at the Kwakoe Festival and took the initiative to take her on to help further develop her skillset and network in the entertainment and art & culture industry.

Rachel faced uncertainties during her academic and early career years. Her transition into adulthood brought challenges; she struggled with self-doubt, unsure if she was on the right path and not secure in her skillset and work. It led to a pause in education and a period of unemployment. Attempting to rebuild her life, she started working as a childcare provider independently but faced financial struggles and accumulated debts of up to € 30.000,-.

One significant day, Rachel was sitting on her couch, painting her nails, when she heard a clear voice saying, “Rachel, only you can make yourself happy.” She then stood up, walked to the bathroom, and looked at herself in the mirror. Looking deeply into her eyes, she said, “I admit I am unhappy.” The tears rolling down her cheeks were tears of relief, feeling as if blocks were lifting off her shoulders. While crying, she asked herself what she needed to do to find happiness again; the same voice suddenly said, “Start with things you have control over.” Subsequently, she began making the following decisions and steps:

  • Tackle debts,
  • Exit the relationship if it’s no longer working,
  • Stop the childcare and go back into the arts & culture,
  • And spend a year Soul Searching to rediscover who she truly is.

Take off the mask and live authentically. Along the way, she confronted challenges, including the absence of a father-daughter relationship, but emerged stronger through spiritual discoveries and meaningful conversations.

Closing Remarks Rachel

The eyes are the gateway to the soul. Stand in front of the mirror and look deep into your eyes. Look into your soul and ask yourself, ‘Am I happy with who is standing in front of the mirror right now?’ If the answer is no, that’s okay. Just feel all the emotions. Give yourself permission to feel all the emotions and remind yourself that these feelings are part of human existence. It’s okay. These feelings will be temporary.

There is tremendous power in decision-making. The outcome of your day, your year, and your entire life is largely defined by the sum of your decision-making and the actions you take along the way. Make today the decision to design your life from your essence. After you’ve made that decision, commit to doing five things each day that will help you live your true life.

Name things as they are and be radically honest with yourself. If you’re honest with yourself, you will get from where you are to where you want to be. That honesty can be painful but know you have a support system. The Creator, your first support system trust that you will be given the strength, insights, and guidance to do what needs to be done.

Keep things simple. One step at a time. You got this!

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